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Hello 3 year old families!

This Tuesday March 21st is Harmony Day. The message of Harmony Day is ‘everyone belongs’, the Day aims to engage people to participate in their community, respect cultural and religious diversity and foster sense of belonging for everyone.
To celebrate Harmony Day, on Monday we will be discussing the similarities and differences between each other. When you sign your child in on Monday, you will see a sheet of paper next to the sign in book to help the educators prompt your child to participate in the discussion if they need support to do so.
If you could please quickly jot down any information relevant to your family when signing in, that would be greatly appreciated. The questions are; a typical meal your family eats, days you celebrate, and other parts of Australia your child has visited or lived (preferably that they remember).

Whilst on the topic of signing in, please remember to sign your child IN and OUT from each session, taking care to sign them in on the numbered line that matches the number next to their name. Valuable learning opportunities can be lost during session time, as educators must correct the record to accurately reflect the children in attendance for that session.

As the end of term one approaches and your children have settled in, it is time to allow them to independently explore and engage in their 3 year old kinder year. Once you have signed your child in, and assisted them with applying sunscreen or putting their bag in their locker, say your goodbyes in the foyer and direct them in to the bathroom to wash their hands. An educator will be in the bathroom to assist your child from then on.
Some parents still do need to remain with their child, due to their child participating in an extended transition as they have not yet turned 3, and therefore have a prior arrangement made with us. If your child is still unsettled upon arrival, please send me a text or email to organise a time to chat with me and make an individual plan for your child.

Similarly throughout the year, if you would like to speak with me about your child, or to share important information, please email me on clarel83@gmail.com or send me a text message to arrange a time to meet. We want to ensure we have time to discuss your child without the time constraints that can occur before, or between, kinder sessions.
In term 2, we will start a parent helper schedule, and would love to see all families participate across the term where possible.

For those parents who enjoy watching their children socialise and play, we do have places in our Thursday nature playgroup. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet with other parents and actively engage in a social play experience with your child.

And last, but not least, I will be speaking with the parent liaison committee members to organise some social catch ups for parents, so you can get to know one another. A coffee meet and greet after drop off, has been successful with the 4 year old parents.




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