Gentle reminder about photos and videos at Kallista Kindergarten

Our modern technological age has brought many advantages, not the least of which is the availability of cameras on our smart phones and other devices, meaning we never have to miss that special or amusing moment.

Our lives have become increasingly digitally interactive (this very blog is evidence of that), and our enthusiasm to snap-and-share our cherished moments via social networks and media-sharing sites has promoted this gentle reminder that Kallista Kindergarten has a video and photographic policy designed to protect the rights of our children, families and staff.

Please ensure you follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Where possible, try to photograph only your own child;
  2. When other children, staff or visitors appear in your photograph, please ask the child’s parent, the staff member or the visitor’s permission to use the photograph, – if you do wish to publish it online (respecting their wishes if they say no). Most parents have given permission for their child’s photo to be taken within the Kinder as part of the Kinder experience, but always check with staff to be sure; and
  3. Videos including other children, staff or visitors are for personal use only. Please do not publish such videos online.

Our kinder community relies upon trust, respect and understanding – we greatly appreciate yours.

Thank you.

Lucas Randall – Blog Administrator & IT guy.


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