Nude Food – Healthy Food


  • No lollies, chips or chocolate.  We want to encourage healthy snacks.
  • Please be nut aware …
  • Please supply fruit, vegetables, Cheese and plain crackers, yoghurt as a snack. A sandwich/ wrap/ roll, fruit, fruit or savoury muffin, cheese etc for lunch.
  • A drink bottle with water (no juices or soft drink)
  • Please send food in a labelled container without plastic wrapping, e.g. Tupperware, Nude food movers or other air tight containers.

Today, in our affluent society, we tend to choose the “fast” and the “convenient”, when we shop, when we eat and even when we play! Little consideration is given to the long-term environmental or social consequences of our choices.

Looking into children’s lunch boxes these days it is often hard to spot one without a bit of plastic or other rubbish. More than likely, you’ll see boxes full of individually packaged, single-portioned food and drink items.

Taking a closer look you’ll find that much of the packaging is made of non-recyclable or non-biodegradable materials, i.e. rubbish for the sake of convenience or hygiene.

Rubbish Free Lunches

Can we focus on what we put in the lunch boxes, so we don’t have any rubbish at the end of lunch? What about a sandwich or bread roll (without plastic wrapping), an apple or banana, some cheese, yoghurt or grapes in a small Reusable container, and your own drink bottle? With these, there will be no rubbish at all except an apple core or banana skin that can be composted to enrich your garden. “Do-able”!

Adapted from www.noosariver.com.au/wastewise/zero_waste_lunches_and_events.html


Children are only at Kinder two and half days a week, keep the sometimes food for at home.



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