Signing in and Signing out

Hi Guys,
Just a reminder that when you sign in, in the morning you need to write the actual time you are leaving your child, not the time the session starts. Please print the name of the person ‘who will collect the child’ not your title ‘mum’, or ‘pop’ but the actual christian name. ¬†Departure time is the same thing, you write the time that you are physically collecting your child – not the expected time of collection, or end of session time.

This is the same in Kinder and in the Nature Kinder programs.

These sign-in books are legal documents and need to be filled in correctly.

If someone is picking up your child who is not on your enrolment list, please fill in a ‘permission to collect form‘ which is in a folder near the sign in books, and let a staff member know (and your child).

Your help his appreciated,

sign in sheet


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